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About Saint James School

Mission Statement

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Core Values

  • Character: We build strong character and we build up each other through living out and acting on a positive attitude, and by demonstrating integrity, respect, kindness, inclusion, empathy, compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude.
  • Commitment: We are committed to becoming our best and building each other up through positive attitudes and enthusiasm, actively learning and developing knowledge and skills, persevering and growing through challenges, understanding the value of going the extra mile, solving problems, and living lives of dedication and responsibility.
  • Courage: We challenge each other to strive towards high expectations, act with honor, and lead by example. We work together to embody the courage to put others before ourselves as we learn to serve and lead. As we grow in courage, we develop wisdom and a purpose to make an impact for the good of others.
  • Community: With unified hearts, we grow, learn, and work together and make the most of our diversity through living out character virtues of integrity, respect, kindness, inclusion, empathy, compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude.
Collage of student activities

2022-2027 Saint James School Strategic Plan

Develop and nurture the whole child through intentional student and academic programming

  • Increase the emphasis on data-driven decision-making to facilitate improvements in curriculum, instruction, and programming and to positively impact student achievement and performance.
  • Implement new or enhanced programs and services that cultivate the school’s continuous focus on developing the whole child.  
  • Examine and enhance current college preparation programs, opportunities, and services to further strengthen one of the state’s leading college preparatory programs.
  • Develop a school-wide learning support program which helps all students maximize their academic potential. 
  • Enhance all aspects of the athletic program in order to build up well-rounded student athletes and to grow school spirit and student engagement within the school community.
  • Vitalize the fine and performing arts program through increased engagement within the school, the development of a plan to enhance facilities, and exploration of community connections.
Pre-K student playing with toys

Further solidify the school’s position as an exemplary college preparatory school

  • Optimize fundraising efforts to position Saint James School for long-term success.
  • Analyze the needs, expectations, and desires of current and prospective Saint James School families to establish meaningful, productive, and lasting engagement with the school and its students.
  • Increase brand awareness and support of the school’s mission and key differentiators through marketing, communication, and engagement efforts.
  • Grow engagement within the local community through increased student service opportunities, community partnerships, and alumni involvement.

Foster emotional health and well-being of students and faculty

  • Implement effective professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that support the emotional health and well-being of the school community.   
  • Explore the development of new daily school schedules to promote student and faculty wellness and best accommodate student activities and programs.  
  • Strengthen the existence of a strong values-centered school culture characterized by safety, respect, and emotional support which promotes whole child development.
  • Utilize a process of continuous improvement to strengthen programs and services related to the mental and emotional health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Promote a school culture that engages students academically, emotionally, and socially

  • Implement strategies for weaving essential core values, social competencies, and character habits into the school culture and community on a daily basis. 
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among all school stakeholders to ensure that students are engaged and challenged and moving towards the realization of their highest potential.
  • Implement initiatives aligned with the school’s core values and mission which promote the continuance of a diverse and inclusive school community and enhance the school’s welcoming family culture. 

Strengthen school operations and facilities for the future

  • Develop a long-term financial plan that optimizes strategic budgeting and planning to strengthen the school’s financial position.
  • Evaluate and refine current employee practices and procedures to continue building the strongest team to serve Saint James School students and maximize the school’s mission and impact. 
  • Articulate and reinforce essential expectations for Saint James School faculty and staff members.
  • Enhance the campus environment to ensure that it is safe, clean, comfortable, and attractive; promotes learning; and fosters student, staff, and school pride.
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