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Our School

Known as the premier independent school in Central Alabama, Saint James School is well respected as a beacon for innovation and excellence in academics. Every day, each student is building something uniquely their own within a learning community grounded in support, guidance, and encouragement. Saint James’s teachers challenge and mentor students to discover their special talents, strive for achievement, and fulfill their powerful potential.

Our schools serve the student body’s needs and inspire growth as individuals while providing an equally rewarding learning experience to all of our students. We develop leaders and innovators, with our students spending their school years growing in the direction that fits them.

A focus on content and skill acquisition in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) disciplines, as well as other essential areas such as English, history, and world languages, has long been part of our college-preparatory and mission-driven focus at Saint James School.

Elementary School

At Saint James Elementary School, we offer a challenging yet appropriate curriculum at our elementary school. Our teaching staff is equipped to provide only the best educational opportunities for our students. We focus on creating a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy skills in our elementary curriculum to create success in science, reading, and mathematics. Our classroom environments are perfect for learning as well as fostering relationships that will last a lifetime.

Middle School

Each adolescent is different, meaning each student is different. At Saint James Middle School, we recognize how important it is for each child to get a learning environment designed for them. We foster a healthy student-teacher relationship by assigning each student their own teacher advocate to help grow the child during this important stage of their life. Each student is also placed in teams to help them get the best education for their needs.

High School

At Saint James High School, we combine traditional academic rigor and discipline standards with modern teaching and learning approaches. We promote good values in our students, such as leadership, service, and a sense of ownership and responsibility. This dedication to our core values empowers students to grow in and outside the classroom in every facet of their lives.

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Saint James is dually accredited through the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Cognia. In addition, the school is affiliated with organizations including the following:

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