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Welcome to Saint James: Montgomery, AL’s Premier College Preparatory School

At Saint James High School, a well-rounded education balances traditional academic rigor and modern teaching methods. We challenge our students to think critically and creatively while nurturing their character by focusing on core values such as character, commitment, courage, and community.

Our students thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, and explore their interests. We care about the success of our students, not just in the classroom but outside of it. That’s why we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities so each student can find their unique path to success.

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Preparing Young Minds for College Success and Beyond

Our approach is simple: We immerse our students in a rich and diverse curriculum where every course is a stepping stone towards an integrated preparation for college. By combining academic rigor with teaching methods that adapt to education’s ever-changing landscape, Saint James High School is preparing students not just for any college but for the most competitive universities and life beyond academics.

We’re more than just Montgomery, Alabama’s premier private high school; we’re a training ground for responsible and engaged citizens, preparing them to be active participants in the wider community. Moreover, we believe in the power of collaboration between parents, students, and faculty. Together, we’ll build a community where students can reach their full potential and positively impact the world around them.

Life at Saint James College Preparatory School

We aim to foster academic brilliance, athletic prowess, and artistic talents while instilling the highest ethical standards in each student.

Robust Academics

Saint James offers a robust academic curriculum to prepare college-bound students for success in the most competitive universities and beyond.

Student-Centered Athletics

Athletic programs are integral to the student’s educational experience as they encourage the development of physical fitness, leadership, teamwork, integrity, and social skills.

Liberal Arts Extracurriculars

Through Saint James High School’s comprehensive arts education, students are enveloped in the arts, perfecting their crafts and disciplines year-round, from visual arts and forensics to drama and band.

High School Counseling

Our counselors work with students and their families to guide and lend support during high school, addressing academic, college, and personal matters.

Research and Writing Center

Saint James houses a collection of more than 13,000 physical and digital books, periodicals, and other media to assist students in their writing and research efforts.

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Saint James School has been the catalyst of academic excellence and character development for young minds for over half a century. Our dedicated faculty isn’t here to just teach; they’re here to inspire students to excel at school and beyond. Open the door to a world of opportunities and apply to Saint James High School today. We are committed to challenging and assisting students in realizing their potential and preparing them for lives of responsibility, service, and achievement.

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