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STJ Tech

At Saint James School, the 21st-century classroom promotes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in our learning spaces. We dive extensively into STEM topics, but technology is woven throughout all disciplines at all grade levels. Modern technology like SMART boards, tablets, Apple MacBooks and iPads, and other devices are available to students at no additional cost. Devices are issued to students 1:1 beginning in third grade. Elementary students in grades PreK3-fifth grade attend weekly technology enrichment classes and our middle and high school students study robotics, programming, graphic design, computer science, and technology competencies.

As educators, we strive to implement forward-thinking, innovative use of technology. With this comes an understanding of appropriate, safe, responsible behavior when using it. Saint James School actively teaches Digital Citizenship to all of our grade levels. We integrate digital literacy into lesson plans and reinforce teachable moments with the respect and discernment we know students need when using technology. Responsible digital citizenship is also a part of our Saint James Honor Code and Required Use Policy.

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