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“When I signed up for Photography I during my sophomore year, I had no idea how much fun I would have learning about and creating art through taking pictures. I simply took the class as an elective and had no plans to continue after that year. My photography teacher Mrs. Shoults sparked my passion for photography. She made the class interesting through the variety of our assigned projects. She introduced multiple techniques and encouraged creativity in photo shoots. Once I realized how much I enjoyed it, I signed up for Photography II for my Junior year, and then AP 2d Design my senior year. One of the goals I developed was to create photo art that would be interesting for people to look at. Mrs. Shoults has helped me develop and strengthen my talent. She also gave me tips on how to identify my best photographs. I appreciate her support as she entered my photos into competitions, some of which have resulted in awards. This further strengthened my confidence. I am also appreciative of the support of Saint James School for recognizing its student art award winners through social media announcements, emails, and such. Without the support of Mrs. Shoults and the school, I don’t think I would have reached my artistic goals in my photography classes.”

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